TRUTH FOUNDATION (Registered TRUST under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882) launches TRUTH SCHOOL with a well-researched curriculum, strong and learned faculty and with the mentorship model of guidance and training.

Truth Foundation is the foundation whose principles guide all the activities of Truth School.It is a trust which is guided by the following principles:

Truth Foundation will focus on exploring innovation, creativity and storytelling not only as an academic research topic but also as a life and social skills.

Truth Foundation will do research, education, consulting, training and projects in the area and domains of Innovation, Creativity, Creative expressions, Design thinking, Storytelling.


Through Truth Foundation, we will propagate the cause of innovation and storytelling in schools, colleges, for rural craftsmen, slum children, marginalised sections of society, artists, designers, business houses and the Indian diasporas in general.

This will help them to explore the potential of innovation, creativity and storytelling in their lives and also teach them to apply it in their lives for more profit and prosperity.

Truth Foundation will explore and do deep end research to preserve the dying ethos of storytelling and innovation in India. We will, thus, focus on various channels of storytelling and innovation like Indian traditions, Indian history, rural life, urban life, design, fashion, craft, films, media, technology, book writing and traditional ways of storytelling and also find many more channels which currently elude us.


Truth Foundation will take innovation and creativity to masses and explore ways and paths to make them more creative and innovative in their jobs and lives.

Truth Foundation trains craftsmen and people from the lower segment and teach them to create new designs and generate new ideas around their business so that they can earn more.

Truth Foundation will work with entrepreneurs and business and work together with them to explore new and innovative brand stories and consumer market using the principles of design thinking and storytelling.

Truth foundation aims to make leaders more creative and innovative so they can tell better stories and continue to nurture their business and hence help in the growth of nation by generating employment.


Truth Foundation wants Indians to interact with renowned innovation and storytelling professionals from the world and we seek to be that hub.

Truth Foundation wants to do projects in the area of films, design thinking, creative expressions, photography, craft and dying arts, innovation and storytelling so as to keep ourselves abreast and also keep our members in tune with contemporary developments in this area.

In short, Truth Foundation wants to become a hub of innovation and storytelling in India and we seek to propagate, research, train, educate and experiment in these areas.

The primary reason to set up this foundation is to successfully run Truth School – An Institute in Innovation and Storytelling and educate and train more and more people in design thinking, innovation storytelling and help them explore its application in employable domains.