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The world of tomorrow belongs to those who are out of box thinkers. Who have the courage and clarity to tread the unbeaten path but we see that our everyday life does not offer us this respite. It does not help us to think differently, but forces us to follow the rules and the roads.

Not only this, if we look at our school systems then what do we see, we see that it curbs creativity and does not favour the right brain thinker.


It is not helping our children to explore alternate careers of creativity and art. None of the subjects in syllabus creates a thinker who can evolve path breaking solutions or an artist who can be the next Picasso or be the next Anurag Kashyap or a Steve Jobs - Someone who can break his boundaries and construct artefacts, images, designs, products or ideas that never has been seen before.

So the children or the people who have that innate skill to look at the world differently, where do they go, how do they express. They need tools beyond a pencil and a geometry box. They need an environment that takes the pressure off them and tells them, yes now, this is your space and express yourself. Find your tool and build your future. So a space is needed, which relaxes them, inspires them and guides them into a world of imagination, lateral ideation, design, art, colours, applied art and many such creative journeys which will help to open their mind and explore a new dimension of their own personalities.

And hence, TRUTH CENTER FOR CREATIVE EXCELLENCE was launched by Ralibha Design Management and Storytelling Studio with Truth foundation to:

  • Help these unique minds to explore art, film, design as a tool to ideate creatively and help explore their latent innovative side.
  • Guide, educate, train and develop them in the field of art, design, film and photography as an amateur, expert or a professional without any pressure to complete a degree.
  • To help them stimulate their creative and innovative sides, so they can be deeper and immersive thinkers.

Design Festival for Children 2014 launched
Here we are



Why people who draw or paint are called creative because colours and forms are function of right brain which is also responsible for our creativity, out of box thinking and people intelligence. So when we merge creative ideation exercises with fundamentals of art, we get a mind that can draw anything he can visualise and if that creative mind is then trained by design to answer world problems, viola - what do u get - a leader, an out of box thinker, a great designer and a futurist... with a skill to draw and paint. This course focuses on this approach. To use art, design to activate, enhance and empower your right brain function, making you an artist OR a designer or both in the process as well.

The approach is very experiential, fun and very dynamic, yet care is taken that fundamentals of art, design and creativity are fully covered and student develops a comprehensive understanding of these field in relationship with his own academic and non academic life. The student of this program explores the artist and designer within and learns the skills to become an artist and designer under the able guidance from alumnus of Delhi College of Art, FTII, NID and many more.


Focussing on strengthening his
  • Fundamentals of Fine art
  • Design principles and Elements of design
  • Creative ideation principles
  • Art and Design history and art and design appreciation
  • Visit to art fair, museum, craft fairs
  • Workshop of artisans and crafts men
We take a CREATIVE ASSESSMENT which decides the Visual, Textual and right brain activation of the student.A detailed report will be shared and discussed before starting the program. This test helps to decide where the student stands at this point in the creative domain


  • For Children of all ages

    The pedagogy has applied design and art exercises which involves inspirations from the curriculum of children

    For Eg: Like read a poem and construct an art around it.

    Look at a science project or activity and develop a usable design around it.

    Look at the world around you and find something that motivates you, deconstruct it into art design basics and then reconstruct it into an artefact or a design product.

    We also strengthen their basic in art and design through various exercise and problems which are in ink or pencil as well with hand and body.

  • For Adults

    The classes will start from free drawing and then move on to exercises and problems in art and design explorations with various concepts and explorations.

    The inspirations ideally will be more philosophical and abstract though we will also borrow from life around and issues that go with it.

    For more details, please call 91 9910114584 or email: OR For regular updates regarding Art and Design Learning Program : Join Us

    And for Complete syllabus click here

Material Explorations using Art and Design fundamentals
Trip, walk and tours to art fairs, craft melas and exhibitions



This is a unique combination of a film direction course and a script writing course. The film direction and script writing course trains students to streamline the process of imagining a story, thinking it in audio-visual terms, adapting it to a screenplay and realizing it cinematically through the filmmaking process.The faculty is from the premium institutes like FTII and NID and also are practitioners of the craft and techniques.

This is a certificate program from education and training initiative of Truth Foundation: Truth Center for Creative Excellence

The technical understanding of script writing and film direction is imparted to the student gradually through a series of weekend classes. This program gives people the opportunity to learn film-making without leaving their jobs or studies.

This is for all those who love films, wants to understand them, appreciate them and explore their potential in the area of film craft and technique.

It’s a weekend program spread over 3 months conducted on Saturday and Sunday each weekend.

For more details, please call 91 9910114584 or email: and for Complete syllabus click here

Program starting from 27 th April 2014, pl get registered soon.

Art and film appreciation workshops



This program is open for all ages and covers:

Acting techniques, speech, conversation, stage confidence, body language, expression, exposure to costume and stage design and then the final performance.

Registrations are on and for more details call 91 9910114584 with program code : TKdtp14

For more details, please write to with program code.

10 hour Certificate Workshops

  • Etiquette & Dining and table manners
  • Film and ART appreciation
  • Trips to art galleries and museums with design and art experts

20 hour Certificate Workshops

  • Craft and Skills in art and applied art like Origami, sculpting, murals, ceramic, madhubani to name a few

  • Design in nature

  • Recycle art and Design

  • Understand science and math concepts using design methods.

  • Design thinking and creative ideation modules

  • Seminars with designers of various disciplines.


Please come and meet us at :


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Off Golf Course Extension Road,
Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

Please call : 91 9910114584 or
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Design and Art and the world around - in syllabus and in life.
Creativity, Imagination & Storytelling modules
Explore the world of sketching and drawing
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