At TRUTH CREATIVE LABS, we use technology, focussed learning maps and highly specialised mentors to help Indian children, youth and women explore and enhance their creativity, innovativeness and storytelling skills for focussed careers and professions.

The after school and after college learning platform which uses a combination of technology, THINK modules, highly EFFECTIVE MENTORS and FOCUSSED TEACHING-LEARNING LESSON PLANS to aggregate and deliver some of the world’s best CREATIVE & Creative technology EDUCATION PROGRAM.

1. We offer CONNECT THE DOTS: Creative Genius Learning Programs for children – (6 -13 years of age), young adults (14 – 18 years) and youth (18 – 25 years)

These programs help your child to explore his creativity and critical thinking so he has wider and better career options available for him.

2. For Young women and men to BECOME STORYTELLERS, content creators, creative educators and trainers and powerful speakers and effective business conversationalist.

3. Career focussed programs in Business storytelling and User Research  

An initiative by Truth Foundation founded by academicians from IIT, MICA & NIFT with alumni of NID & FTII.

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To open up the minds and life of children, young adults and youth to careers in creativity and creative technologies

To help India’s creative minds & creative technology talent to enhance their potential and excel with creativity.

Creating the world’s best storytellers, power speakers and content creators by bringing world best mentors and education plan at your doorstep.



If you wish to open Truth LAB in your city, in your locality, write to us at or with subject as 'Truth Creative Labs'

We are looking at increasing the creative index and storytelling index by building high-quality creative labs across India with a focus on making a difference to 10,000 lives in the next 5 years.