Worked with 5000 under- privileged children in three years across Haryana,
Delhi and Uttarakhand

Truth Collaboration

Truth Foundation is happy to collaborate with NGOs, Corporates and Academia to conduct workshops in the domain of design thinking, innovation and storytelling.

We are focused to spread knowledge, information and news in these domains and also nurture minds which are innovative, creative and storytellers.

Under the above initiative, we extend our support to NGOs and academia to train and nurture the creative and critical talent.

We conduct the following workshops :
1.Connect the dots
2.Explore Creative Careers
3 Empower with storytelling

Case Studies

Happy School: Educates underprivileged children by providing school environment. Truth Foundation conducted 'Connect The Dots' programme's workshops with pupils.

NABET: Working towards creating a skilled and employable disabled and population of the country. Truth Foundation mentored personality development, exercises like book reading and pitch practice on call.

Truth Foundation shook hands with Nirmala Foundation to help underprivileged pupils to express their talent via creative careers programme 'Connect The Dots' and they enjoyed storytelling too.

Dream Girls Foundation: Educates children to give them basics and then admission in a school for further studies. Truth Foundation conduction workshops of 'Connect The Dots' programme.

Prayatna: School of Excellence is to promote education, organize awareness campaigns, effective communication with communities, conduct street plays and cultural events to spread education. These bright students introduced to the creative career 'Connect The Dots programme by Truth Foundation.

Eco Lib Foundation - An NGO working with underprivileged kids since 2012 in the education field Truth Foundation has been conducting "Connect the Dots" program with their students to strengthen their creativity and analytical skills.

Magnivow Events: An event company working in education and training domain. We joined hands with them to spread and reach out to students who are creative and critical thinkers. Through this, we launched Fire and wheel design festival and mentored 1500 students in 2 months.

Smart Ideas: A Bangalore based organization. We joined hands with them to conduct open and corporate workshops in Bangalore in the domain of innovation, design thinking and storytelling.

Platypus Innovation: A research company based in West India which often outsourced design research and ethnographic research projects in north India.

Axiom Consulting: A research company based in South India which often outsourced design research and ethnographic research projects to us and we were in their core team as insight mapping experts.

Through various such collaborations, we TEACH, TRAIN and CONSULT in the domain of STORYTELLING and INNOVATION.



10 Hours

Workshops We Do:

Connect the Dots
Creative & Ideation


2500 INR

Date of Commencement

As per your academic schedule


Case Studies


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