You as Storyteller : Nav Ras: Concept and Application: find your central emotion : explore and expand your creative self :

In these 8 days you explore yourself as a storyteller through the timeless concepts of Navras and Bharata Muni’s Natya Shastra.

You do various exercises in :

                                i.            History and Indian traditional styles of storytelling

                              ii.            Visualisation of story and self

                            iii.            Voice Opening  and body opening exercises using Navras

                             iv.            Practice of energy

                             v.            Creative expression of the story and self

               Final project :  Elevator pitch + ONE 5 MIN STORY + poem


 In second month, we take you through the Tools of Storytelling like

Breath and pause , body grammar, voice modulation, audience psychology, stage movement , Deeper Visualisation and their integration into the month 1 story

Final project : Second 10 min Story + Prose + Fine tune your personal elevator pitch 


In this month, students will learn how to write stories of different kinds.

Design thinking exercises, Structure of story, Narrative styles , Brand story , advertising story , script writing, metaphors and explore various creative writing styles

Project : Write TV, RADIO and magazine advert, 5 min TV program, 5 Design thinking scripts



In this month, we will practice on the types of storytelling , which will be as follows:

1. Traditional Style: Pick up an Indian traditional style and perform it with contemporary content

2. Business presentation: Choose a topic and write and perform as a storyteller

3. Oration : Explore various oration techniques and public speaking styles and perform.

Project : 2-4 performances in NGO’s, Café’s and other places + 3 stories in above styles


How does it benefit the student?

  • Clarity of thought
  • Self awareness
  • Clear speech
  • Leadership qualities
  • Stage confidence
  • Become a personality trainer
  • Identification of Navras
  • Clear communication in writing and speaking
  • Develop fluid brand connection and collaboration approaches
  • Body confidence and voice modulation