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Expand your market and understand your consumer using tools of Design Research and Storytelling, top corporates who done so are...

How Ras Gatha Helps!

We help examine and expand new markets through penetrative research and generating insights. Explore the different future scenarios and innovations in product, services and brand. Help strengthen the future by creating a shared vision for your organization through storytelling.

Examine » The new truths and possibilities, understand the customer, market and related experiences.

Seek » The solutions and innovations by connecting insights with ideas.

Weave » The insights together by creating a shared vision for your organization.

What do we do?

At Ras Gatha, we not only conduct in-depth deep dive consumer research for clients who need a deeper understanding of their key market segments’ experiences and interests but also help ideate and create innovative products, services and messages that will engage consumers and grow market shares.

Nothing substitutes for the deep understanding of your customers and their experiences, beliefs, wants desires, and frustrations that you get through ethnographic and design research. We provide that depth of understanding of not just the latent desires of the consumers but also decode the future scenarios and help the clients and their consumers connect using engaging stories and innovations.

Education Management

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MICA: 2001 to 2008
MITID: 2009 and 2010
SCMS Cochin: 2009
Pearl Academy: 2015 - 2016
GD Goenka Design College: 2016

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IPR Consultation

Consultation to IPR for world renowned lawyers in design related court cases

We take deep pride in empathizing with consumers.

We are a strategic innovation consultancy that operates at the confluence of business, society and culture. We have proven expertise to identify, understand, translate and execute ideas that build sustainable interfaces between organizations and their stakeholders.

Innovation is Challenging Ethnography and cultures have a deep impact on buying power. People only become customers if they perceive real value. Innovative differentiation from competitors is critical. The market and consequently consumer behaviour is constantly changing. Usability, culture and Social alignment are necessary to act quickly on opportunities.

Consumer Research and Innovation

Platypus Innovation, Pune – Efficacy of communication – GSK

TERI: Design Research and Innovation Project: Understand how waste is disposed in 5 southern states of India and suggest innovations

Visually Document AIDS campaign across Gujarat for RELIANCE BIG as a Book, website, app, brochure and a film.

Jaigarh Public Trust: To develop innovative ways to popularise the monument- Jaigarh Fort, as a “thinking” tourist attraction focusing on its traditional water systems, folklore and history through various communication channels – app, Website, book, film, storytelling and interior design

Publication design and storytelling for PwC and Fortis health: Storytelling and Design project: A CSR initiative: Research, Write, design, photograph a book on stories from India: unveiled at World Economic Forum, Davos -2014

Clarion Advertising: Product Bournvita: latent needs and product innovation and Deepkala Fashions, Reva Fashions, Parryware, NIIT, Pearl Academy, P & G, Colgate Palmolive

Vital India Entry Strategy

Colour, Material, and Finish strategy for phones - 2010 project for LG, Korea.

Samsung consumer behaviour Film and Consumer Cards Design Trend Reports for 2009 & 2010

Samsung MUV Packaging Puskpak Constructions Mom n Me, A well-known AC company

EKO:Enter the Indian market through New product innovations

Airtel:To understand ICT and communication literacy among semi-urban and rural consumer

Chief storyteller and UX consultant

An online design education portal - Creanara A testing and calibration Portal - Labgo An art and heritage portal - Ras Gatha Project