Professional Executive Programme in Storytelling and Communication Leadership – 15 months


The diploma in storytelling is a scientifically designed course for value addition to young students who are planning to enter the corporate world in the domain of brand and creative leadership. This intensive program builds the deep skill of storytelling for its practical applicability in enhancing the consumer experience, for better understanding consumer behaviour and, most importantly, to connect with existing consumers and draw more to the product through the skill of storytelling.

The program has been designed by experts from the fields of management, creative leadership and mass media. It has a strong research orientation and imparts skills to utilise market insights for value creation for the product. The program consists of various modules covering the full journey from understanding consumer choices, the creation of consumer choices, communication of these insights for enhanced product quality and better consumer experience. The major elements of the curriculum include insight generation, kinds of media and storytelling techniques, storytelling applicability to business situations, subculture marketing, semiotics, visual syntax, brand and storytelling and the basics of strategic management.


  • Based on industry-specific perspective and designed to give the future graduates a leading edge in a thriving consumer economy.
  • Learning to craft business strategies using the skills gained through storytelling.
  • Transfer of storytelling and strategic skills learned to better understand consumers, creating new market spaces, enhanced consumer experience and association with the industry and construct and strategise deep connection with them.
  • The student not only learns the nuances of consumer behaviour and consumer experience but generate real economic value for both the consumer as well as the industry.

What will a student learn?

A student will comprehensively study the following domains :


  • History of storytelling
  • Types of storytelling
  • Storytelling as a leadership tool
  • Storytelling and brand connect
  • Storytelling: process 1
  • Storytelling: process 2

Brand Management:

  • Basics
  • Advanced
  • Qualitative research and Insight generation
  • Insight to stories
  • Brand Architecture
  • Advertising theory
  • Kinds of media and storytelling
  • How to tell the same story in different Media
  • Sub-Culture Marketing and Storytelling
  • Content and Storytelling
  • Semiotics and Storytelling
  • Visual Syntax
  • Brand and Storytelling
  • Basics of Strategic Management

Who is eligible for this programme?

Anybody who wants to have a career in Storytelling, Brand Management and become an effective and empowering Creative Leader


Our industry experts seek to develop storytelling skills through a well thought out mix of contemporary pedagogical techniques:

  • Classrooms
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Practicals
  • Education
  • Scholarships
  • Faculty training
  • Strategy making
  • Storytelling tours
  • Increase creativity
  • Remove stage fear
  • Culture mentoring
  • Challenge your listeners
  • Storytelling through media
  • Connect people socially to interact with different cultures
  • To name and guidance for participation in competitions and festivals and more…

Who will benefit?

  • Those seeking to build a business from their vision.
  • Those who seek to develop contemporary skills in consumer communication.
  • Those who want to become successful brand managers.
  • Those who want to learn contemporary strategy making.

Career Scope

This course will equip young minds with contemporary business skills and open paths in:

  • Corporate brand creation and strengthening.
  • Creative leadership.
  • Storytelling and corporate strategy.
  • Consumer and corporate communication.


Truth Mentors



15 Months Full-Time Residential Programme


3.5 Lakh INR + Taxes

Date of Commencement

1 November 2018


Connect the Dots Programme +

Storytelling as a Brand tool

Storytelling as a Creative Leadership tool

Brand Management

Brand Architecture

Strategic Management