Professional Executive Programme in Innovation and Strategic Leadership – 18 Months – Full Time


Are you a BBA, BCOM, BA with that creative edge?

Are you that creative graduate with a strong bent towards business?

Are you looking for business employability skills?

PEP in Innovation and Strategic Leadership is a unique alternative to the traditional MBA programme, which will create a cadre of successful professionals. The focus of this programme is to prepare creative leaders and strategic thinkers with the potential and skills to achieve fulfilling careers.

It is an 18-month full-time, residential, professional program in Innovation and Strategic leadership with a scientific multidisciplinary curriculum that has been carefully mapped and crafted to the actual needs of employers today. Their inputs have been a vital ingredient in this evolution.

The programme is a combination of classroom learning, hands-on work experience, mentoring and coaching by experienced and highly skilled academics, professionals and CEO's. It weaves together the objectivity of management principles with complementary perspectives from the exciting fields of innovation and storytelling, an emphasis on personal growth through leadership training, and the crucial skills of impact thinking and effective communication.

Programme Summary

The brand helps to associate a product with an experience and innovations and its storytelling facilitates that association and earmarks the strategy. Hence, in dynamic companies, design, innovation and storytelling is not merely an activity concerned with problem-solving and aesthetics, but a process that integrates the potential of technology with the experience of consumers and gives it a visible expression to reach organizational goals.

Therefore, for innovations and story to be managed and championed effectively, those responsible must be equipped with a broad vision of how to interact within its changing environment and how to exploit these changes by interpretation of innovations and storytelling as a strategic tool.

This program is all about the development of expertise in harnessing creativity to contribute to reaching the organizational goal by total experiential management. It is about creative leadership and critical decision making.

Creative Leaders find insights and ideas from unrelated fields, chance encounters and the unexpected. They nurture broad external networks with the expectation that this builds significant future value, and they use open dialogue to tease out perspectives and ideas from others. They are comfortable with contradicting insights, paradoxes, conflicting needs and ambiguity. They identify and challenge assumptions that underpin perceived realities.

Creative leaders think in contrary directions and deliberately reject conventional, inherited parameters. They are not satisfied with the first solution and search for better concepts that bring major improvement. They view life as a journey where opportunities for learning and development are always present. Finally, they intuitively sense new opportunities that could be created.

What Does it Offer to Students?

The programme specifically aims:

  • To create leaders and managers who are creative and adaptable
  • To empower creative minds in the domain of business growth and strategy
  • Exploring the world around with a learning focus
  • To develop expertise in management and communication through the creative leadership process and exercise the skills necessary to harness creativity
  • To provide students the skills, creativity and knowledge to understand and explore the significance of innovation, storytelling and design in business growth and corporate strategy, and thereby implement it in business processes
  • To provide the opportunity to consider innovation and storytelling in the broad context of integration with marketing policy, technology, production and strategic plannin
  • To equip the students to conceptualize a innovation and storytelling with relevance to corporate strategy and brand development keeping all business formats in mind
  • To search for ways of expanding the knowledge base of Innovation and strategic design management

Number of Seats 25

The student has to fill up the admission form:

On the basis of the information given in the form, he will be invited to the interview and a program will be offered to him.

Internship and Placement

The internship provides an opportunity to gain work experience in an area of concentration or interest while receiving credit towards the certificate. It is of 8-10 weeks in various design consulting turns and marketing organisations.

The founding members have had a 100% placement and internship record in their previous assignments and have also given 100% placement to the students of THE TRUTH. Kindly look up other programs.

We have a dedicated team for placements and internships and also have a specific process for people who wish to be entrepreneurs.

In order to empower the students, we have various creative leadership initiatives

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Though the content might seem too complex for young age and a beginner, hence the academic approach will be very one to one:

  • Exercises, work sheets and problems
  • Films and Visuals
  • Cognitive skill explorations
  • Case studies
  • Educational trips, educational tours with projects.
  • Case studies
  • Jamming with storytellers, leaders and innovators
  • Discussions with mentors and gurus