Leadership Workshops

To be a leader is to inspire others and to do that you have to come up with creative ways to encourage them. There is a popular saying that Leaders are born, Not made. But with time, everything changes and so does thing saying. To be a good leader, you need to work on your creative leadership skills and find ways to motivate your team.
At THE TRUTH we believe in positive growth and creative pedagogies to create a leader out of you. We have intensive industry interface, project based learning approach which makes us the only innovation institute as such. Our focus is to create leaders of today, so they can build businesses and nations.
So if you are a BBA, BA, BCom and you have that creative edge too, you can have great creative leadership skills, therefore we have a dedicated program focusing on Strategic design management, Innovation management and storytelling to develop you into successful creative leadership skills:

Archery workshops
Fine dining workshop
Leadership Case studies
The Focus Leadership Workshop
Self Styling workshop
Film and Art appreciation workshop with a focus on investment
Resume writing and Interview workshops
IIM-A Research Workshop
Truth Conversations: Talks by eminent people in their field
Sensory Perception workshop in Goa by ARA
Rural Immersion project in Uttarakhand
Maintain everyday leadership diary
Read a book a week and upload a review
Workshop on law and policies