2 month + 4 month weekend program

Be a POWER SPEAKER, Effective Business Conversationalist, Confident Public Performer


Workshop by Aviskshit Das: a visual storyteller


Corporate Training by a student of Delhi Police SHO


Jury in progress


Storytelling for adults by Truth Students at DLF club


Student visit Behroopiya Festival

Stories and storytelling have been in existence most likely since the birth of human language. Yet in many of our current workplaces, our personal lives and business cultures, storytelling as a communication method seems devalued and underused, certainly compared with the strict emphasis on facts, numbers, trends and statistics.

To learn more about how storytelling can help businesses thrive, To explore how it can help you become better performer and leader, we have constructed this program using the traditional tools of Natyashastra, Navras and Dastangoi . We have woven them with modern tools of storytelling and content at an application level so that a you can expand your creative range and communication skills and become a confident and effective speaker, leader and performer.

The focus of this programme is to develop children, youth and adults to become critical creative writers, confident speakers and stimulating performers.
Aim: Students acquire powerful self confidence and get off to a flying start in life. Storytelling teaches the skills to express your innermost thoughts creatively and feelings that you have always aspired to do. In brief, the three most crucial skills you acquire are self confidence, positive persuasion and creative expression.

Truth is proud of its YEAR 1 Alumni : In last 12 months, since July 2918, 23 students have passed out of this program and have gone on to excel in the following fields :

Deepti Agarwal : Story teller & writer - Immediately after this course, this enterprising housewife has carved a space for herself as a much in demand storyteller for children. From birthday parties to special events, she is making a mark for herself in Gurgaon. She has evolved into a wonder story writer as well.

Anupama Agarwal : You tuber and podcast - IAS Allied officer, who has, since passing out of this course, become a You Tube performer and motivational speaker. Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo03WpDL-78&feature=youtu.be She also runs a you tube channel by the name of KUCH DIL NE KAHAN and radio podscast also

Monika Tandon: Storyteller, Corporate trainer and Storytelling Lab: Language expert, who has started her own storytelling lab for children as a business enterprise called KATHA PACHISI . She has also branched out as a corporate trainer using the skills of storytelling.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/monika.tandon.129

Herok Pal : Stand up performer : MNC executive. Has now started to perform stories at various places, across Delhi NCR. Has been hired by Oxford Bookstore as their storyteller. He not only performs across the board but also writes his own stories as well.
Link of work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS_vS5rPG_k&t=140s and many more.

Madhu Tyagi : Voice over artist : A senior teacher and school administrator. After this program, she has developed into a writer of stories for children and has also started radio performances. See her page for her radio work : https://www.facebook.com/madhu.tyagi.10

Prakhar Garg: Stand up performer : Software engineer with TCS. After this course, has developed into a stage performer and has developed his content writing ability.

Another distinguishing component of the program is that Truth also we help you do performances as a part of RAS GATHA events and Ras gatha Vlog even when the course is over. 


Pedagogy & Plan 

11 am to 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday 

Lectures, studio classes, individual sessions, attend storytelling shows and walks and theatre, Visit NSD, IIMC, meet other storytellers, analyse other storytellers pedagogy.

As it is a weekend / Flexitime program, the contact hours will be on weekend and you will be given exercises and tutorials notes to read and see and practice during the week.

Plan : 

FOUNDATION : 2 MONTH weekend. 

ADVANCED : 4 MONTH weekend.

ONLINE: 4 month program to be covered in maximum 5 months.


Please check SYLLABUS for curriculum details of the plans.


campus 9

Outdoor class in Creative writing

campus 10

Outdoor class in "Storytelling for Children"


Indoor Class on " Act Structure of a Story"

campus edit

Class on understanding " Navras "


Students attend a seminar on Storytelling


A student performing at a play school


July 19 , 2019


This programme is hosted at a forest eco friendly campus located in Gurgaon. You can have a look at our beautiful location here. We also conduct various off-campus workshops and labs through our corporate tie-ups


Join this program to understand and explore with us

  • How to tell a story?
  • What makes a story powerful?
  • To use storytelling as a unique way of leadership, training, education and strategy.
  • Become a master storyteller in your domain by developing and fine-tuning your content, body, language and personal style.
  • A parent that can communicate more effectively with children. This way a member of this program will explore the wonderful world of storytelling and story creation with us.

Click herefor detail month wise curriculum.


Practice and exposure is an important part of storytelling. This helps develop confidence and clarity to perform and public speaking. See More

Admissions and Selection Criteria

Details about admissions and the selection process can be found here

Faculty & Mentors with Chief Mentor: Deepti Pant

A well-renowned storyteller and filmmaker. She has performed as a storyteller in various colleges, corporates and also at festivals like Kumaon literary festival, Jaipur Literature Festival and many more

A design educator and corporate trainer for more than 20 years. She is an Alumna of FTII and NID.

Click here to see some of the mentors who regularly collaborate with The Truth - Institute of Innovation and Storytelling, for their various programs and consulting assignments. 

Course Fee

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Careers in storytelling & Alumni

Till now Truth School has got 100% success rate in all its programs. Truth students have gone on to become successful corporate professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The founding team of The Truth has extensive experience in the higher education space. Please see the link for Career