Curriculum Design

Core courses are the essential and crucial inputs, without which one cannot graduate as a Design Manager. Students are given no exemption or options under this category.

a) Research and data analytics

To search for ways of expanding the knowledge base of design communication and their uses and implement of it effectively in furthering the strategic interest of the company. We will study both qualitative and quantitative research processes.

b) Business and Management Foundation Studies

It will equip students of this programme with a broad vision of how design is deeply embedded in the essential structure and processes of an enterprise. They must also develop expertise in management and communication and exercise the skills necessary to harness creativity.

c) Storytelling Studies

Students are introduced to basics and storytelling with a close eye on Communication and leadership. Therefore, what and where is well taken care of as core input through. communication, Storytelling and branding, storytelling and media and Techniques of Innovation


This set covers the entire spectrum of laws with respect to business law, IPR and design policies not only of India but also of other countries preparing them for international placements.

d) Design Management

The course will provide the opportunity to consider design thinking, research and process in the broad context of integration with market policy, technology, production and strategic planning. Contemporary innovation, History of Innovation, Leadership and innovation

e) Thinking and Ideation program: CONNECT THE DOTS PROGRAM – THINK

Customer understanding, innovation and collaboration skills are vital to all businesses. Solving complex business problems requires understanding multiple perspectives within and outside the organization. The thinking process covered are design thinking, storytelling, critical thinking, creative thinking and this enables participants to understand the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration for co-creation of new solutions to complex business issues.