Capstone Projects

a) Research Projects

To develop a brand, one must have a holistic perspective on the consumer’s experience and on the entire business system that defines a brand. The necessary levels of research are higher. So are the necessary levels of managerial expertise.
In a world where products, markets, channels and industry boundaries are in flux, a well researched brand can be the one source of stability, strategic direction and competitive advantage. It can provide entry to new markets, new product segments and entirely new businesses.
In design research project, students will do a qualitative research on consumer behaviour with focus on all the elements of design which contribute to brand building and creating new markets. This project will also aim to orient them towards design semiotics of a particular product category in the Indian context.

b) Strategy Projects

To learn to manage design and design process effectively, students will do a project in the second term equipped with a broad vision of how design interacts within its changing economics, social and technological context. The project will be a combination on input from different fields like brand management. The project will be of the choice of students but it should encompass the understanding of all the above disciplines with its futuristic implications.