Truth Green Campus - Because Curriculum is above all. Because in the end, people won't be talking about facilities or infra, but will marvel at your knowledge and skills.


Truth Green Campus


It is this vision that lies behind Truth School, which is a thinking philosophy aiming at delivering meaningful learning to young minds. TS was born out of a shared passion of a group of academicians, educators and industry professionals to create a unique learning ecosystem that systematically builds and deeply nourishes critical thinking, problem-solving, thought leadership and strategic innovation with high-level employability skills and lifelong career focus.


Truth School is unique in more ways than one.

Its lush 2-acre campus at the foothills of the Aravali at the edge of Gurgaon provides just the right setting for serious learning. Away from distractions, mentored by academicians and under the green ambience, young minds can develop those skills which a regular education cannot give.

The pedagogy too is uniquely structured on the mentorship and experiential model with personal attention given to the unique abilities of each learner.

A modern-day gurukula ambience is just the right learning space for these cutting-edge future skills.

The TS campus aspires to be a zero carbon green zone, free of plastic, alcohol and tobacco. The campus will continue to be built purely of biodegradable materials. The entire campus is walled with a barbed wire fencing atop the boundary wall. The single entrance has a security regulated entry and is under CCTV.

The Classrooms are made of Bamboo and wood with walls made of wooden curtains, cooler allowing the cool breeze to circulate and small sitting setups for students and faculty to have their one to one mentorship discussions and sessions.




The 2-acre lush green campus is situated next to Gate no 5 of Pathways International, Aravali, It is about 20 KM from Huda metro station.

It is indeed a green campus, structured as an interactive learning space with clean air, greenery and inspired by nature to create a strong learning ambience amidst trees, fruits, grass and the music of birds.



Truth School admin will share the list of PG and hostels in Gurgaon.

They will also assist you in finding the right place to stay with safety and security. We understand your concern and will be with you through the entire process.



Truth School will provide transport to students and faculty from their hostels and PG to the Campus back and forth and also to various conferences within Gurgaon and from Huda metro station.


You can call for assistance for transport at 9910114584