TRUTH FOUNDATION (Registered TRUST under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882) founded by academicians and educationist from IIT, MICA and NID, with a focus on strengthening innovation, design thinking and Storytelling capabilities with the mentorship model of guidance and training.

Truth Foundation is the foundation whose principles guide all the activities of The Truth: An Institute of Innovation and Storytelling and Ras Gatha: an ode to storytelling - research centre

Indian government data states that only 40% engineering graduates are employable, as are only 32% architecture graduates. Excluding the top 20 B schools, MBA graduates find it difficult to earn well and are often in jobs that they have not been trained for. Just 35% of fashion education students are employed in front end jobs. For the millions of BBA, MA, B Com, BSc, BA graduates, the path ahead is exceedingly difficult. What this has resulted in is a deep mismatch between education and employability and very few jobs available to a very large number of job seekers.
Internationally, Artificial Intelligence and automation have created further challenges. The World Economic Forum report of 2015 candidly states that 35% of the skills required to do your current job will be redundant in the next 7 to 9 years.
This report says Innovation, Creative leadership, strong analytical skills, storytelling, empathy and collaboration are the skills of future.


Truth Foundation was set up in 2012 by a group of academicians and educators from IIT, NID, MICA and NIFT to nurture innovation, creativity and storytelling skills. The purpose behind the initiative was to make available to young minds highly productive and relevant learning that are suitable for the new future.
Regular education has lived it’s time and there is need to create new learning that is relevant, serious and builds life-long employable skills.
It is clear now that innovation, creative leadership, strong analytical skills, storytelling, empathy and collaboration are the skills of the future. And is any education system focussing on them, yet ?

The above situation is alarming and when put into perspective, requires an immediate recalibration of learning, curricula, methods of teaching and urgent building of employable skills in young minds.
Truth Foundation is set up exactly for building up of new age skills with a focus on developing high order employable and self fulfilling capabilities in young minds. These are the skills of creative thinking, critical reasoning, innovation, storytelling and strategic application. These learnings and skills are developed by our mentors to a high level of application, productivity and employability.
Truth Foundation works with entrepreneurs and businesses to construct new and innovative brand stories leading to profitability using the principles of design thinking, ethnographic research and storytelling.
Truth foundation aims to make leaders more creative and innovative so they can tell better stories and continue to nurture their business.


Truth Foundation is strongly committed to creating an environment for positive growth and constructive change in the lives of the less privileged. We seek to achieve this objective by assisting in creation of an ecosystem which empowers our less privileged children and youth to gain confidence, expression and knowledge.
1. Working with NGO’s, schools and other learning centers : Helping children explore alternate careers, love of reading and develop creative thinking.
2. Disseminate knowledge of Innovation and storytelling : Through exhibitions, talks and seminars, online channel in hindi.
3. HERITAGE: Revival of Indian storytelling techniques and storytelling clusters.

Truth follows a high degree mentorship model where the teacher is a facilitator and the catalyst of robust ideas.
We do not follow the classroom model but a class free model. The physical space and the intellectual field are open, liberal and student focussed.
The learner whether it is an individual or a business is encouraged to understand his or her thinking and emotional strengths. These are merged with the course content so that the learning curve of each has a fine mix of individual strengths and the overall course objective.
Our mentors , then work closely with the knowledge seeker or corporate client to craft unique learning paths for each, blending their specific needs with the identified growth paths. The pedagogy combines non intrusive facilitation in a liberal setting with adequate academic rigour which is required for acquiring these skills.
The mentor to mentee ratio does not exceed 1:6 so that the deep focus on each learner always remains strong.

Truth Foundation is involved in reaching out to children, youth and corporates to propagate, research, train, educate and experiment in the domain of Innovation, creativity and Storytelling
The primary reason to set up this foundation is to successfully run
Truth School – An Institute in Innovation and Storytelling to educate and train more and more people in design thinking, innovation, storytelling and help them explore its application in employable domains.
The programs at THE TRUTH are for all age groups with a focus on career and employability.
Ras Gatha :
The consulting and research Center helping individuals. NGOs and organisation expand and grow using tools of innovation, design thinking and storytelling.
Not only this, we intend to run an online Youtube free knowledge channel in the domain of innovation, storytelling in Hindi

Truth Foundation seeks to become a hub of innovation and storytelling in India and we seek to propagate, research, train, educate and experiment in these areas.
Truth Foundation also look forward to interact with renowned innovation and storytelling professionals from across the world for knowledge generation and creation of ideas.
Truth Foundation wishes to expand into the domains of AI and MACHINE LEARNING, 3D PRINTING, AUGMENTED reality, Virtual reality, projection mapping photography, film, so as to keep ourselves abreast and also keep our members in tune with contemporary developments in this area.
Truth Foundation also wishes to work with craftsmen and people and teach them to create new designs and generate new ideas around their business so that they can earn more.