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Story So Far

A journey in nurturing innovative minds, creative leaders and enchanting storytellers.


The world of tomorrow belongs to Innovators and storytellers. They propel economic growth and help to connect and communicate far, wide and deep. Industries are maturing. Products are maturing. Innovation is the key driver of economic growth. Innovation is the creation and transformation of specialized knowledge into new products, processes or services that meet present market needs and craft the future market needs. As such, innovation creates new businesses and is the fundamental source of growth in business and industry.

Everyone should possess the skills to be creative in all life situations, be it professional or personal. Innovations paths create new mental horizons for expansion, while storytelling helps to connect deeply with people and build far-reaching relationships.

Therefore, the key skills of storytelling and innovation are the skills of the future and they should be imbibed not just as professional skills but also as life skills and should be imperative for all.


Through the Truth School, we propose to do just this. We want storytelling and innovation to be accessible to all, permeate all levels of training and education so that the minds and intellect of our students are strengthened to make effective, sharper and fulfilling decisions about their trade and careers. These are the modern tools of success and achievement. This thought lies at the core of our philosophy.

We provide a multidisciplinary environment to the students so they have latent exposure to other arts and crafts while becoming experts in their own domains. This helps them develop a wider perspective and enhanced understanding of innovation and storytelling at the same time.

We believe that learning has to start from both levels - the skill and concept. Why ? Because the specific mental faculties of creativity and innovation require timely and intelligent identification followed by structured and focused training just as other disciplines like mathematics, sciences or economics do. Hence we not only strengthen you in the concepts but also empower you with skill sets which will develop you as a stronger and efficient professional.

The bottom-line of any educational program is placement and we have a strong placement cell which helps students to explore careers and jobs in various creative and innovation domains.

Therefore, as part of a comprehensive plan to celebrate innovation and storytelling, The Truth School - An Institute for Innovation and Story Telling is launched under the mentorship of Prof MM Pant (www.mmpant.net), a highly renowned academician in the field of physics, innovation and law and former Pro Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU.


Visual Storytelling Project


We realize that not only should innovation and storytelling be taught as specialized subjects, but they also require a clear and defined paradigm of applications like strategic management, Brand management, product growth, the future scenarios, communication design and creative writing. Everyone is creative, it is just that we need to understand how and where we need to be creative and innovative. Truth School takes you on this journey where we explore with you to find your creative truth using tools of innovation and storytelling, not merely as intellectual concepts but also as highly employable careers in Innovation and Design Management, Creative Writing, Image management, Storytelling and Film Direction.

There are enough schools teaching film technology and design but how many are teaching you to be a creative storyteller or an innovative entertainer or to be an innovation manager and creative stylist? We teach you to be creative, innovative and think out of the box not just as a professional skill but also as a life skill.

Through Truth School, we intend to make you not only proficient in the subject but also educate you to be creative and innovative within your area of specialization.

Committed to these ideals, TRUTH FOUNDATION (Registered TRUST under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882) through associate alumni of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and alumni of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune launches TRUTH SCHOOL with a well-researched curriculum, strong and learned faculty and with the mentorship model of guidance and training.