In this session, you will be counselled about the new programs in innovation and storytelling of Truth School. And you will have to share

1. Your educational journey in case there is a gap in your education
2. Mark sheets of 10th, 12th and graduation
3. Extracurricular activities and their certificates
4. References
5. SAT, MICAT, GRE, UCEED, JEE or any such related score

To be called for counselling please write to or fill in the admission form



Once counselled, you will proceed with due diligence where Truth mentors will discuss and asses your interest and bent for these programmes and you can also ask them any further critical questions about the programmes.

The questions and queries that you will be assessed in will be as follows...

1. Your vision about your own future

2. A brief written assessment

3. General knowledge and analysis


To be called for Due Diligence please write to or fill in the admission form


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