Over a 100 corporates and educational Institutes, Over 300 workshops, for 700+ participants. Using design, storytelling, filmmaking and Art


Using tools of design, art and storytelling  to bring transformation, foster creativity, aid conflict management, team building and strengthen emotional intelligence

The Truth School is an institute, focusing on various high-end, differentiated Behavioral and Skill development programmes. In a world where rote learning and lectures are a norm, we have been conducting Art+ storytelling + design thinking -based corporate training initiatives in India for last 6 years with corporate-like Accenture, Wipro, Mudra, GSK and many more. These workshops which aim at offering distinct and differential experiential programs to help nurture and cultivate employee creativity, communication, innovation, collaboration and emotional intelligence.


We use Art + storytelling + design thinking tools to create an experience that facilitates collaboration and communication, brings down barriers, and accelerates creative and critical problem-solving. These tools not only help you to decode your environment, connect with your team but also helps you to understand your consumer and market in a deeper and comprehensive manner.


Around the world, Art + storytelling + design thinking Training is changing the way the world is looking at improving performance, overcoming skill gaps, transforming behaviours and achieving strong results.


Art + storytelling + design thinking is allowing participants to identify, understand and appreciate themselves, their colleagues and their environment better, for greater effectiveness and empathy.


Some key processes, approaches and methodologies that we work with, based on the objectives of the programme and the relevance to the outcome:

·         Design Thinking

·         Creative Ideation

·         Critical thinking

·         Heritage Games  and gamification

·         Storytelling

·         Art and form

·         Nature and colour

·         Design expressions

·         Filmmaking + Photography

Our creative programmes helped clients and participants :

Think Creatively to Challenge Barriers

Develop vision and strategy clearly

Develop Innovative Mindsets and Nurture creativity 

Better Communication skills

Improve Collaboration 

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Manage Conflicts better

Negotiate better

Develop Problem Solving skills

Explore strategic storytelling as a brand leader

Embrace diversity evolving from culture issues

Design and storytelling Events

We train across industries and levels, as our people-focused and evolved approach finds great resonance with progressive organizations seeking novel approaches.


Creativity and the role of the leader


Magnivow Events

Through this, we launched Fire and wheel design festival and mentored 1500 students in 2 months.

Smart Ideas

Conducted corporate workshops in the domain of innovation, design thinking and storytelling.

Platypus Innovation

A research company based in West India so we are their partners to conduct design research and ethnographic in North India and also do insight mapping for them.

Axiom Consulting

A research company based in South India so we are their partners to conduct design research and ethnographic in North India and also do insight mapping for them.

Clients we work with

Our corporate and placement partners