Providing career guidance, knowledge and mentorship to creative and innovative minds for last 3 years.

Connect the Dots

Nurturing Creative Minds - Empowering Critical Processes
Providing Mentorship and Direction

Alumni of Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots Program or CTD as our Young team likes to call it is the oldest program of Truth and has quite a few sterling alumni.

The students who have done CTD program have had immense success in their respective careers. The age is varied. They are from 7 years old to 54 years old.

Where is our Alumni right now?

Creative Careers Student - Age group: 17 to 24 years and they have qualified in various UG and PG exams like :
ISB, Columbia University, California Art School
NID, Srishti, MIT, NIFT - Kolkata, NIFT - Mumbai, DSK, GD Goenka School of Design,

Professional Growth Students: Entrepreneur, corporate jobs in Accenture, GSK and much more.


Most of the creative people with interest in design, arts, space and storytelling struggle to join both the creative and critical dots. Are you creative and innovative and wish to explore your creativity deeper?
So you can draw well and love to think out of the box and seek a career in this thought process. What are you doing about it?
Most of the successful leader, innovator, and path breakers have one thing in common: they know how to connect the dots, critically think about problems and situation and come up with innovative and creative solutions.The world is moving towards creative leadership. Are you the one?
Artificial intelligence is taking over the labour and computing oriented jobs hence, new career profiles will be the people who are strong in analysis critical thinking and creative ideation. So what are you doing to strengthen it?

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'Connect the Dots' helps you grow and seek employability in domains of design, art & creativity/research, analysis & innovation and Leadership & storytelling.

'Connect the Dots' teaches you to harness your creativity and critical thinking empowering your creative leadership and innovation skills.

How do we do it?

We explore with you the following topics:

  • Principal of creative thinking, lateral ideation and design thinking
  • Paradigm of Critical Thinking and probability
  • Introduction to storytelling
  • Skill Workshops in Sketching, Water/ oil colours, photography, Basic Filmmaking
  • Tours and Trips to museums and art galleries
  • Mentorship provided in creative and critical careers

What Does It Offer To Students

Empower their creative and critical thinking: skills of the future according to World Economic Forum

Strengthen their artistic side by providing input in Fine arts, photography, filmmaking and design skills

Help and guide to explore careers in multiple creative and critical domains ie design, fine arts, film, communication, design technology, architecture, storytelling and brand, design and strategic management and ethnographic research.

Cognitive skill development with focus on visualization through fine arts and applied art

Exposing them to work of well-renowned people by taking them to museums, galleries, tours and walks.

Helps explore careers in design, arts, critical thinking, research, innovation and analysis.

Placement Opportunities

Engagement Module


For Beginners:

For young minds and working professionals: This program is for those minds who are working and not looking for placements but only wish to enhance their critical thinking, analysis and creative ideation. They can be of any age and generally, we find that children and working professionals take up this program.

There is an entrance exam for the same.

2 years weekend program - Can be done in capsule of 3 months

Weekend session: 90 min each day


For Creative Careers:

For the students of 12th or UG who are aspiring for creative and critical careers. Students will be trained for entrance in international and national design, communication, design technology, Film, photography, innovation, storytelling, and architecture school. Here the focus is both to develop, cognitive skills of visualization and design and critical and creative thinking.

As we work with them, we realise their strong points and guide them in choosing the right specialization and we continue to mentor them much after they are in their professional world.

There is an entrance exam for the same.

Duration: 11-month weekend program

Weekend session: 90 min each day

Seats: 8 only


For Professional Growth:

One year full-time or 18-month weekend - Professional Executive Program (PEP)
Aims to empower and strengthen Leadership and innovation skills among professionals and entrepreneurs looking for placements and careers in innovation and brand storytelling.

This is primarily conducted in the mentoring mode, with lots of projects and exercises and internships.
This is for prospects who are looking for career/ entrepreneurship skills in strategic Innovation and brand leadership.

There is a rigorous entrance exam for the same.

100 % placement assistance

Duration: 11-month weekend

Weekend session: 90 min each day

Seats: 5 only


Though the content might seem too complex for young age and a beginner, hence the academic approach will be very one to one:

  • Exercises, work sheets and problems
  • Sketch, draw, paint, design, photograph and filmmaking
  • Cognitive skill explorations
  • Educational trips, educational tours
  • Case studies
  • Jamming with storytellers, leaders and innovators
  • Discussions with mentors and gurus

Our usual class modules look like as follows :

Let's decode the speech of Barack Obama
Study the layout of Taj Mahal in detail
Why is Monalisa a masterpiece
Observe the veins of a leaf, branches of a tree and roads of a city and expand the context.
Study best and worst innovations across the world, discuss and redevelop.
Think of our various experiences and try drawing or writing about them.This helps in memory sharpening, connecting thoughts with an output.

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