We have an absolute focus on placement. Up till now, we have achieved 100% placement and career success with our students. This has been possible because the founding mentors of Truth School are academicians and consultants with experience in crafting lifelong learning programs with the focus on employability and thought leadership.

Our corporate and placement partners

Disclaimer: They are our workshops, placement or consulting partners.


Placement Policy

Access to placement services such as career counselling, resume help, mock interviews, and recruiter access is provided to all the students once they are done with 60% of the course.
The placement activities are spread in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta and Mumbai, Singapore, UK and the USA to pool in filmmakers, advertising firms, brand consultancies, corporate entities, innovation firms, corporate companies for hiring our candidates.

Category 1

Students who are looking for employment

Category 2

Students who would like to make an independent career

A) Incoming inquiry emails or telephone calls :

We receive e-mails from companies which are looking for fresh minds. Such job postings are displayed on the college website and will also be forwarded to the yahoo group of the current batch. It is mandatory to all the students of various courses to join the yahoo group.

The database will be developed continuously and various workshops and activities are done to keep the industry engagement and contact.

B) Outgoing placement Activity:

An updated list of various relevant companies’ concerned HR is prepared. On weekly basis, a pdf file of the placement brochure is e-mailed.

Besides the above, the placement consultant also keeps a track of various openings about job providing sites and other jobs for an on the net. He will post such vacancies in the yahoo group in real time.

Find the plan that is right for you.

This comprises those who are looking forward to work with individual persons as an assistant under the mentor of his choice and, later, to start independently.

For such students, personal efforts are made by the teaching faculty /guest faculty to connect our current passing out students to seek an easy appointment in Mumbai and other regional film industries in Calcutta/ Chennai / Hyderabad. We also give them inputs on entrepreneurship and studio management.

For such students, we will run an entrepreneurship programme and studio management programme, and develop, advise and help in marketing effort needed in setting up his/her own studio.