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It is a foundation which is founded by academicians and educationist to share knowledge on the future careers and provide guidance to students across India about the same.

The key focus is to nurture design thinking, critical thinking, innovation and storytelling skills in youth, children and corporates and also provide knowledge and guidance in careers of art, design, architecture, communication and innovation.

No we are not but ISO certified and have eminent academicians and industry professionals as our advisory board. We are a registered foundation and can provide a diploma.

You have given an essay and critical thinking assessment and that will decide your entrance.
Cheque in favour of Truth Foundation or online payment.
They are eminent academicians: Prof Madan Mohan: an IIT professor and Pro VC of IGNOU And many other, kindly look into the advisory board and mentor.
Yes, but is dependent on mentor and program.

1 Rigorous mapping of curriculum with industry or student career needs.
2 Being continuously in touch with industry.
3 An interaction between student and industry.

Yes, if the program demands.

The pedagogy is experiential, discussion-oriented and hands on. We also provide input in gardening, life skills and nature.

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